All You Should Know About Sides Of Your Nook Tablet.

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If you are using up the Nook tablet, then it is quite necessary to know about the sides of the Nook tablet which helps in proper functionality of the tablet. Since the launch, Barnes and Noble again strike back to the market with its latest version, Nook tablet 7, which initially got into trouble due to the faulty charger issue. But, a short break, the latest version got again released on both online and offline stores. Apart from reading your favorite eBooks, there are many things which you may not aware about the tablet. Just take a look at the sides of the tablet. You will find the top, bottom, left and right sides, all have the important little buttons for operating up the Nook tablet. Get to know about them in this blog post.

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On the right side of the tablet, you will get the + and – volume buttons. The top side has the socket for the headphones.


There is actually not too much to look down the Nook tablet, except the very important entry point: a micro USB port. The connector serves for two purposes:

  1. Through the port, the USB cable that you get with the tablet attaches to the AC adapter, permitting you to recharge the internal battery.
  2. You can use up the USB cable to link the Nook tablet to a computer in order to transfer all the files. You can easily drag and drop any EPUB or PDF files from all the other sources, as well as the compatible files from the spreadsheets, word processors, and the presentation programs. You can also easily move up the files from the tablet to the computer.

If you are satisfied and comfortable with the basic operations of a Macintosh computer or Windows, you can attach the Nook tablet permit it to be known as the storage device- necessarily the same as a flash memory key or an external hard drive. You can also easily link to a digital book manager like Calibre or Adobe Digital editions to manage the files.


Here you will get the powerful button. In fact, it is actually so powerful and important, that it’s all by itself. It is, undoubtedly the power button.

To switch it on- You need to press the silver button for 3 or 4 sec and then release it to turn it on. If your tablet requires a password, simply enter the correct four digit number.

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  1. To switch it off- You need to press and hold up the small rectangular button for 3 or 4 sec. A message will appear to switch off the tablet; click the Power off button to confirm.
  2. You don’t need to switch off the tablet when you are using it. It can easily tell you that haven’t press the button for the appropriate time. It will turn off the LCD and will head to sleep. Immediately press and release the power button to send the tablet into the sleep mode. Once you wake up, the tablet will jump right back where you left it earlier. So, if get any query, just head to the Nook experts for better assistance and guidance.

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