An overview of The Daily Shelf on a Nook tablet.

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If you got the Nook tablet on your side, then you must have encountered The Daily Shelf at the center of the screen. Get the fine overview about it. The long wait just gets ended when Barnes and Noble mark its comeback in the competitive market with its latest version of the tablet, Nook tablet 7. Despite getting the hype, the compact e-reading tablet gets suffered from the faulty charger bug, which resulted in the downfall of the Barnes and Noble’s product. Now, the bug has been solved and the new version has even hit the online and offline stores. If you are one of the new users of the latest version, then do head to the Nook com account in order to create your nook account and have the access to the extensive Nook library for your e-reading experience.For all the existing users, having the Nook tablet for the e-reading is been a classy experience, if ignoring some of the annoying bugs. While accessing your Nook tablet, you must have encountered The Daily Shelf along the bottom of the screen, which may be known by existing users apart from leaving the new ones. Well, the new ones and the unknown ones don’t need to worry, as we have come up with a fine overview to make you aware about the daily shelf.

The Daily Shelf

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It is actually a row of newspapers, magazines, books, and apps that run along the center of the screen and the nook tablet home screen. These are the items which you have actually bought, unlocked, borrowed, download, or have received.

You can manually move any item from the Nook library to the Daily Shelf. The end only holds up only one problem; taping the Sweet Potato or New York times monthly will unlock the most recent barrier.

Leaving all which you have manually moved there, the following has brought up the item into the leftmost place of the honor on the Daily Shelf:

  1. Purchasing a newspaper, app, book, or magazine. Also, automatically receiving the latest problem of the newspaper or the magazine for which you have got the subscription.
  2. Downloading an app or a free book.
  3. Borrowing or lending a book. Simply getting a LendMe offer.
  4. Getting a fine recommendation from a friend.
  5. Unlocking an app that came with the tablet or the one that you have brought up from the amazing Nook store.

Latest apps or publications are being marked with a small flag. The Daily Shelf automatically puts up the latest items on the left; that doesn’t actually signify that you have to keep all the items in that particular order.

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To rearrange the covers, you will need to place the finger on an item and then drag it up by an inch and then right or left and down to the latest position. As you head to bring down the item, the magazines and books below it will move on to make the room. Just lift up the fingers and the book will simply head to the latest home.When you remove any item from the Daily Shelf, it still remains in the library or it is taken away when you reached the level of 50.


Media shortcuts are being the quick access to various types of media that you recently accessed.

Click any of the icons if you are willing to view what your Nook tablet has in mind for you:

    1. Videos
    2. Apps
    3. Music
    4. Newsstand (newspapers and magazines)
    5. Books

    If you would rather not have on the home screen, then follow up these steps:

  1. Touching the nook icon.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Click the Home Settings icon.
  4. Click in the Media Shortcuts check box.
  5. In order to remove any item from the home screen, just press and hold that particular item and click Remove from home. If get any query or tech bug with the tablet, just navigate to Nook com Support for expert assistance and solutions.

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