Barnes And Noble’s New Website Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen To Nook


Barnes and Noble have finally launched a newer version of their existing website which is in news due to its issues. The site took two years of development and was considered as the perfect website which would function properly and would not contain the problems that were early faced. It is disappointing that the new website is even more pathetic and is already been criticized by Nook users.

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The company has launched a non-functional website which is unable to show previously downloaded e-books, achieves and favorite books. Moreover, you can only browse through some e-books and can’t even read them online! This is something which can’t be expected from a company like Barnes and Noble. If you are also facing such issues, you can freely reach to the official Nook Support for a better assistance.

Issues with the newly launched website of Barnes and Noble:

The company launched the new website for the main purpose of resolving the bugs and errors that were previously annoying the users. These bugs must be removed in order to provide the best in class services for the customers. The new website not only just lacks in providing essential updates but also lacks in providing the basic functionality of the e-book store. If you are a Nook user then surely you must be aware regarding the preview option of the e-books in which you can have a preview of some chapters of any book so that you can have an idea about the book.

This feature is not working anymore in the latest website of Barnes and Noble. It is completely unacceptable from a manufacturing giant which has a good reputation globally. Users are continuously complaining regarding the strange behavior of the website. In case you are also having such issues with B&N’s new website, you can get in touch with the support team by visiting the official support website at www Nook Com. They will assist you in resolving any issue and will eventually focus in getting your job done in a couple of minutes.

Company’s statement on the issues with the new website:

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The officials from the company said that the update was pre planned and they were working upon the major update since two years. The new website may contain some errors and issues which can be really annoying and they are trying to fix them all as soon as possible. Moreover, they said that the intention behind the new site launching was to overcome the major problems that were face by the users and which eventually was putting a negative impact on the company’s image.

Also, the Nook’s “Read Instantly” feature was not a part of the update and they are working hard to make it available in a short period of time. They also added, that if any user is facing difficulties in using the current website, they can freely get in touch with the support team by visiting Nook com support and the will get an instant help that will ensure proper resolution of the issue.

How to get in touch with the support team for help:

If you are facing these annoying issues and are unable to deal with them, then you need not to worry as the company is offering proper support services that will help you in getting your job done in a fraction of minutes. For this, you need to visit the company’s official website and click on the “Contact us”. There you will have two options i.e. you can either have a chat session with the support providers or you can directly make a call on the Nook Support Number.

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