Bluetooth 5 is here with long range and double speed

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Wireless technology is here with the double up speed and long range to share your stuff speedily. Improved with the two times speed, four times range and eight times broadcasting capacity will make your experience better than its previous versions.


The wireless technology that you are witnessing from over the years has embarked it position not only in the heart of all the smart gadgets but also in the technical space of the tech industry. The technology which is managed by the Bluetooth special interest group (SIG) has launched the latest version of its wireless technology with better speed and range. If we go in the past, this wireless technology was just a kind of startup in the tech industry. All the giant techs started to enable this wireless way to reach out there consumers easily. It gained the attention as the easiest medium to share the data at a very short distance. This technology has served you with the better experience with its ease of sharing any file with any other gadget. With its expansion to all the devices, the wireless technology also gets evolved with the pace of the pace of the technology. This is the reason, the wireless technology has moved to its latest version of Bluetooth 5, which has got the new features related to the speed, range, and its broadcasting capacity. So let’s have a look at the new upgrade of this wireless technology.

The latest version of this wireless technology has got all the loving features which will definitely make your experience faster and wider. The latest version was announced in June 2016. Still, it links the different products together, but the days of getting used solely by the tablets or smartphones are gone. Bluetooth 5 actually focuses on the bandwidth, speed, and range, making it compatible with all the systems, smartphone devices, and the smart cities as well. The main features of the astonishing the twice speed, four times range and eight times broadcasting capacity for sending the data to other devices, is quite better as compared to  Bluetooth 4.2. The low power consumption and the pervasiveness make it quite reliable for controlling the smart home and all the other products which are connected with them. Besides this, the group behind the Bluetooth notification are promoting the idea of revolutionizing technology with all the smart homes from quite some time. This actually guarantees that all the Bluetooth-enabled products will work with the complex internet of things (IOT) environment.

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With the expansion of range, Bluetooth 5 is able to-

  1. Cover a large area of the entire house.
  2. Faster experience of speed sharing the data.
  3. Increased 800 percent capacity of message capacity.
  4. Sound quality of Bluetooth audio
  5. Reliable and faster with over-the-air firmware
  6. More informative Bluetooth beacon.
  7. Less interference by other devices.
  8. Closely matched bandwidths.
  9. Chances of managing the individual aspects of the Bluetooth connection.
  10. Usable with the commercial, industrial and outdoor applications. Low-energy functionality and flexibility are also available according to the needs of the developers.      


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