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Can You Boost Your Kindle Device With The Help Of IFTTT? If Yes, Then How?

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IFTTT or if this then that is a great service to be used. It is an algorithm based usage which is used primarily for home automation as well as saving a lot of resources. There have been a lot of articles about the use of IFTTT in Amazon echo and how these recipes have made it a perfect homely device. Now, these algorithms can also be used in enhancing the reading experience. There are a lot of ways in which you can read on a Kindle. If you don’t know how to do it, then better check out official Kindle website. There are thousands of resources to read from and deciding what to read is a painful task.

my tablet support

If you open the New York Times, they offer you a list to read the best reading material. This reading IFTTT adds all those titles to your Evernote so that you can read all of them later without a hassle. There is also a variety of genre from which you can choose such as fiction, literature, manga and a variety of collection. To get books of different genres, you need to get Kindle support.

There is also a linking recipe which is used to link one author to a specific function hence you can use it and read content on the go in a specific genre. There are also a lot of places from which you can find content to read on the kindle. In case, you don’t find your favourite books to read, then contact Kindle com support.

Dropbox-kindle transition

This IFTTT tool is a great way to read more stuff. As you can read stuff from the internet to Kindle using links, this IFTTT will allow you to choose a specific folder in which you can drop content and links in the drop box and then you can read all of that on your Kindle readily. It basically links one folder of drop box to Kindle. If there is a link in the drop box, it will be delivered to your Kindle says the algorithm. If the content is out of format, it will be formatted according to your Kindle. All this is mentioned on www Kindle com support, so you can find it out from there.

Get price notification

If you want to buy an Amazon e-book but want to buy at a lowered price, just use this query, enter this price and then buy it when you get a notification when the price drops. For instance, if you want to buy special rooms, then you can buy it instantly in Amazon book store once the price drops below your specified price say $3 and you will get a notification. It can help you save a lot of money and there will be a lot of time-saving if you use it.

Goodreads information

Goodreads book reviews are worth reading. Copying the RSS links allows you to do various tasks using IFTTT. For instance, if a friend posts a book review, you can read the review after you get notification from your IFTTT app. This can be done by copying the IFTTT links and then pasting in IFTTT recipe where you can set the function of notification and then email or instant message the function to be the default. You can do it on your Kindle Fire as well, but if there is any issue, then you have the ability to go to Kindle Fire support help.

Read purchased books by adding reminders

If you buy a lot of books but you forget if you have bought it, you might end up not reading it. To read such books, set reminders in IFTTT based in labels in your Gmail and using filters. Labels are used as reminders in apple reminders app, thus there will be a reminder added to read a book in your Apple devices every time buying invoice of a new book comes into your Gmail account.

There are a lot of IFTTT tasks you can do using your Kindle devices using Kindle help. A lot of recipes keep on adding every day. Thus you can add functionalities based on your usage and then make your days more productive using Kindle.

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