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Fix your kindle broken screen with a simple process

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You can now repair the broken screen of your kindle in a much simpler way. Know the simple process to fix the broken screen of your kindle.

Kindle Support

The e-commerce giant has already fascinated you with the qualitative services and features in the competitive market. Besides this, it’s been an adoring journey for all the kindle users, as the e-reader has also marked its presence in the market with its amazing features and services. The variety of kindle versions (Kindle fire, kindle paperwhite, kindle oasis and kindle voyage) has also marked its spot in the market. With such kind of diverse versions, you have to be careful with your version, while handling it. Besides caring about the device, you can also get Kindle Support for any kind of assistance. Here, we are focusing on the kindle screen, which is the prime key to read all the stuff. If you witness the breaking of the screen of your kindle version, =then there should be some precautionary measures to tackle down the problem. Users can also contact Kindle customer service to get quick solutions regarding the problem. As you are aware, that the screen of the kindle is thin in nature, which raises the risk factor about the screen to get damaged. Well, with fair Amazon Kindle support services, you can fix your device with amazon, if it is covered with the extension of the warranty period. If not, then have to pay a fee to get the desired service. You can also fix this issue by the replacement of your screen with basic electronics tool kit.

Things which you need to start the solution process-

  • Cloth
  • Jewelry screwdriver kit
  • Plastic prying screen
  • Replacement screen

Now, let’s root to the process of solution.

Kindle Support

Step 1– The first basic step is the purchasing of a replacement screen. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a replacement screen from a third party. Don’t buckle up your mind! Simply go for other options. Go for the classified websites and online auctions for defective kindles with a proper functioning screen, which you can detach and displace into your own kindle.

Step 2– The second thing which you need to do is to purchase an electronic toolkit, which should contain a set of small screwdrivers and plastic prying device. You can also purchase a plastic prying device and a jewelry screwdriver individually.

Step 3– In this step, after getting all the required things, kick start the solution by placing the cloth on the surface and put the kindle face onto the cloth. Now pry the back of the kindle with the prying tool from the device. Now, put the prying tool into the kindle’s edge, and now pry to the upward direction. Ensure that all the edges are prying carefully, until the back is detached.

Step 4– Now, detach all the screws of your kindle device with the help of a screwdriver. When it is necessary, then detach the loose parts and uncouple the ribbons and wires. Repeat the process, until you get the screen. You can also get detail solutions with Www kindle com support to counter other issues in the process.

Step 5– After the detaching is done, uplift the wires and place the new screen into the device. Now, reverse the steps you earlier used to deceive the device. Connect all the ribbons and wires back in the device, or else the function of the device will not work. Now, replace all the screw without tightening them, or else it will result in some damaging result.

Step 6– Now click the battery to confirm that it didn’t strike loose.

Step 7– After the battery confirmation, press over the back into the back of the kindle so that all the plastic grip break into one place. Now, check whether your kindle screen is working properly or not by pressing the power on the kindle.

Kindle Support

Some tips to follow-

  • Instead of throwing the old screen, you can recycle it.
  • During the process, make sure to discharge any static electricity you generated while moving around by touching a metal surface. If you don’t do this, the static electricity will get into the kindle’s chipset and can be the reason behind its short out.

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