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How Can You Enjoy Every Android App On Kindle Fire?

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Kindle fire tablet is one of the cheapest and best android tablets in the tablet market. You can download any app available on Amazon app store easily but there’s one limitation that you can’t enjoy millions of apps available on Google play store. Today, we are going to discuss a small tweak with which you can install all android apps on your device. There’s no need to take kindle support from the site after reading this blog post.

What are the requirements?

There are two methods to install google play store on your device. One method is by downloading Android APK file and install it directly into the device. Another method is to install the entire play store on your device and start using it as you use your android phone. Although, this method is a little bit difficult to install but the process to download any app from it is too easy. Additionally, you will get google play services with it, which are required for almost all google apps.

Now the requirements for both the methods are:

  1. Kindle Fire tablet
  2. Android APK file for method 1.
  3. Window PC for method 1.
  4. Android developer kit for method 2.
  5. Root Junky tool for method 2

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Today, we are going to discuss method 2 with you in this blog post i: e, installing play store on the device directly. There isn’t any need to go to www kindle com support link for any help.

This is the best method to enjoy android apps on kindle fire tablet for longer time period. There is no need to download and install every app individually, just open the google play store and grasp it. Apart from this as we have discussed earlier that you will get google play services, which are essential for most of the apps for their working.

It is worth mentioning here that this method will not work on an updated kindle firmware versions. So to block unexpected updates, use Root junky’s tool. It is advisable to use a device that has 5.3.1 firmware OS in it.

Steps to install google play store:

  1. Open ‘settings’ from the home menu.
  2. Click on ‘device’ option.
  3. Click on the serial number again and again until you see ‘you are now a developer’ option on the screen. If you find any problem in getting it then take Amazon kindle support from the official kindle fire support help link.
  4. Developer menu will appear below the serial number.
  5. Enable ‘ADB’ by toggling the switch.
  6. Connect the tablet with the computer.
  7. Open the super tool zip file and extract the contents there.
  8. Open batch file with name ‘install play store’ from the super tool menu.
  9. Once the program gets finished, you will find options on the screen. Press enter to install ‘ADB drivers’.
  10. Click on type 2 and press enter to check the ADB drivers.
  11. In case the test failed for your Type 1 i.e., installation of necessary files, then there is need to connect the fire tablet with PC again.
  12. Once done with it, click on type 2 to install play store and remove ads from a locked screen.
  13. Go back to the main menu after completion. If you find any problem, then call at kindle customer service
  14. If you click on type 3, then this will block future updates from Amazon.
  15. Restart your device after completion.

You can now see the play store platform under the apps sections. Now you can use this app store for downloading any app and use it flawlessly. If you find any problem in opening the play store from the menu then go to kindle help menu and read the complete instructions from the guide.

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