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How can you sync a Kindle and iPhone?

If you are an iPhone owner and wish to access all your favorite Kindle books on the Apple’s device, then here are the steps to sync your iPhone with Kindle.

All Kindle users, how is it going with your Kindle device? Being one of the top products of the Amazon, the Kindle device has been the prime player in the list of different e-reading tablets in the market. And with the lineup of best features and services, the Amazon’s e-reading device has also been able to capture the eyeballs of a fair percentage of users around the world.

Since the Amazon has entered the market of e-reading devices, the Kindle has been the best product of the Amazon which has provide the global presence to the company in the reading space of all the users. With the availability of different versions and the extensive Kindle store, the fine e-reading tablet is providing the best reading experience to all the users out there. Being a new user, you can head to kindle help for better assistance and solutions.

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As the competition is growing, the e-commerce giant, Amazon has also evolved in the upgrading of the Kindle’s versions to enhance the performance standard of the device in the market. If you are still looking out to get a new Kindle for yourself, then this could be a better time for making a purchase from the official site of Amazon. Purchasing from the Amazon official site can provide you the discount on all the Kindle versions. Well, there is no doubt that you must have been reading your favorite lineup of Kindle books on your Kindle version. Apart from your Kindle device, you can also access your eBooks on another compatible device.

If you are an iPhone user, then you can easily access the Kindle eBooks. All you require is the Kindle app on your Apple’s device, like the iPhone. The Kindle app allows accessing the wide kindle library with the different range of eBooks. And to read your favorite Kindle eBooks on your iPhone, you will require syncing the Kindle with the iPhone.

There is a feature in the Kindle app known as Whispersync, which easily sync all the information to your device. With the app, you can also continue the reading of any book on your device.

Now, let’s check out the steps to sync your iPhone with Kindle.

1) The first thing that you are required to make sure is that both the devices should have a reliable internet connection. If any one of the devices is offline, then the sending and receiving of the data can’t be done.

2) Now, head on to press the home button on the Kindle. At the time of loading of the screen, then the Kindle strive to sync with the Amazon servers easily.

3) After the previous step, head on to unlock the Kindle app on the iPhone. Now, just unlock that particular book which you want to sync and then click the circular arrow button in the center toolbar to easily sync your device with the Amazon servers.

4) Now, if you are still getting issues with the syncing of your device, just head to the from any web browser.

5) Now, just tap on the link of “Manage Your Devices” on the left side of the page.

6) After that, just tap on the “Turn On” option in the section of Whispersync Device Synchronization on the page.     

Still, if you counter any synching issue between your Kindle and iPhone device, just head to the Kindle support team for expert guidance and assistance.   

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