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How To Automatically Download And Install Software Updates On Amazon Kindle Voyage?

Kindle Voyage is one of the most loved models in the world today. Excellent features and simplicity of the device are what makes it so amazing. You can easily buy your favorite books from Amazon Kindle account and read it on your Kindle Voyage. Let’s discuss the process of downloading and installing the software update on your Kindle Voyage.

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We are all well aware that no OS is built without any flaws. Every OS comprises of different type of bugs, which may sometimes disturb the system performance. The software developers at company always try to remove these bugs as soon as possible, so they keep on updating the existing versions and encourage the users to download and install it on their device. If you are using the Kindle fire model, then you can check the latest update on Kindle Fire update link.

The latest update which we are going to discuss today is Kindle update Information regarding this update is also available on Kindle com support link.

Important: If you are not sure with your Kindle version, then continue reading this blog post. We are going to discuss the steps through which you can check the present version of your Kindle fire OS. The process is described here as under:

  1. First of all, make sure that your Kindle Voyage is connected to the Wi-Fi internet. To check the status of your Wi-Fi, you can observe the Wi-Fi indicator displayed at the top of home screen. In case you find any problem in connecting the device to the network, you can read instructions for Wi-Fi setup from Amazon Kindle support.
  2. Open ‘device information’ icon from the settings.
  3. If the software version written over there is, then there is no problem otherwise perform an update because the earlier version will no longer work on your device.

The steps to download and install the update on Kindle Voyage model automatically are discussed in the next passage. Read them carefully and pay kind attention to each and every step before applying them to the device.

  1. Go to ‘settings’ from the home menu.
  2. Click on ‘Update Kindle OS’ option.
  3. You need to confirm your submission by clicking on the checkbox given on the front of update option. There is no need to enter any Amazon credit card login details for updating your Kindle OS. You will receive these updates for free.
  4. In case, you want to stop or cancel the update process, simply click on ‘cancel’ option.
  5. Once the update process gets started, wait for several minutes until it gets fully completed. You must keep your device on while the update is on pace.

This is all about the process to update your Kindle Voyage OS, now if you want to cross-check the current version of Kindle OS, then follow the procedure as discussed above i: e:

  1. Open settings from menu icon.
  2. Go to ‘update’ menu. If this option is not available or grayed out, then it means that your Kindle is up to date.
  3. If the update option is available, then click on it to start updating process. In case you find any problem in updating your system, you can take help from the Kindle Fire Support link.

The process and technique to update the firmware version are almost similar to all models. So if you are an owner of any of the Kindle model, then you can implement the same steps for updating your OS firmware version. If still having any query, then we will be happy to hear from you in our comment section.

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