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How to install third-party apps on Nook tablet without any hack?

Apart from accessing the favorite eBooks, it’s also quite easy to install the third-party apps on the Nook tablet with a fine procedure.How your reading is going with your Nook tablet? Well, having Nook tablet on your side ensures the quality e-reading with the bunch of different titles under the Nook library. Most of you would be just accessing the tablet to read your favorite titles, but the tablet is actually much more than that. You can easily install the bunch of third party applications and can use it in a fine way. (In the case, if your Nook tablet is running the firmware 1.4.1 or newer, then it will be not possible to sideload the apps. But, you can still run the alternate versions of Android from a memory card to get the full access to the Google play. If still get any kind of doubt than head on to Nook experts for further guidance.

If you are willing to try this on the Nook tablet, then here are the directions:My Tablet Support

Enabling the Nook tablet to install the Non-Nook-B&N apps

1) Enabling the install of 3rd party apps. This link will simply install the Amazon app store, but you don’t need to install if you are not willing to have it, just access it to trigger the hidden menu. Head on to the web browser of the tablet and enter this URL-

2) Click the download icon in the lower left corner of the screen of Nook tablet. When the download is completed, click the notification.

3) When getting the prompt to install, always choose the second option “Package installer”. If you will choose the “App installer”, it will just mess up with the whole file and you will again have to re-download it.

4) This will simply prompt an option to choose a hidden settings menu in the fine Nook tablet. From there, you will need to check the box at the top saying “allow installation of non-market applications”. Once you head on to check the box, the Nook tablet is actually free to install apps from anywhere.

Now you can click the notification bar again for the Amazon download to install the Amazon app store. Note that you will need to have a MicroSD installed on your Nook tablet to install the apps from the Amazon.

Setting up of a launcher

1) You will need to set up a whole separate launcher now that the apps installs are being enabled because any apps because any app that you will add won’t display in the Nook tablet’s set of apps. You will require an Android launcher to simply get them.

2) a. There is not any kind of another way to launch the access the launcher from the BN home screen. One of the workarounds is to click the “n” button and then “search” and then enter the name of the launcher app you select to use it and will appear in the search results.


2) b. Head on to Install HomeCatcher to set the “n” button to redirect to the home launcher instead of the B&N Nook home.

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Installing the apps on the Nook tablet

Now that you have a fine launcher setup to get to the apps that you install, it’s actually the time to get some apps. There are a lot of places where you can search out to get the android apps.  There is Slideme, GetJar app store, and many others. Well, android freeware is quite good to download the APK files directly. The Nook browser’s works quite fine with that. Just ensure to hit the “package installer” when getting the prompt to install. If get any tech bug in the process or have any query, then navigate to Nook experts for better guidance and solutions.

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