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How To Share Kindle Books With Others?

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This article is about newest and less known feature of Kindle, loaning a book. Users can loan books to each other, with some restrictions. However, not everyone is aware of this feature since it is buried deep inside Kindle’s own website. This article will give us a tutorial about how can we loan a book from any friend of ours by getting added to their insider circle in amazon kindle’s book account. No restrictions are there regarding the device one is using and hence it works cross-platform too.


About book sharing on Kindle

Kindle book store has more than 6 million e-books on it. While a lot of them are free, there are other books too which are worth paying for. However, what can someone do once they have finished a book? Kindle Support provides us with an answer regarding this long overdue question. Users can loan their books to friends and family by using a small workaround.
Kindle book sharing service lets us share books with people which we want. It offers some level of flexibility too, for instance, users can share only those books which they are comfortable sharing. It is not like a second user account to Kindle. It is more like a sub account whose privacy levels are controlled by the main account in terms of access to e-books. www Kindle Com Support shares step by step instructions for sharing the books and we will discuss them here today.

How to share E-Books from our Kindle account

The feature of the amazon kindle book store is known as Family library. A couple of adults and up to 4 children can be added to one account to share books with. According to Kindle Helpa lent book cannot be read by the host himself till it is returned. Also, the progress of one user is not overwritten by another. This is one of the features which is a small addition but makes a big impact.
To share books, normally people used to share their Kindle account credentials earlier but it can affect the progress. Due to this, users had to finish the book by themselves earlier and then had to lend account to others for reading. Also, as per Amazon Kindle Support guidelines, one account cannot be opened at multiple places so even sharing account was a messy business.

With the introduction of family library, all of these issues have been resolved. This is how the family library can be accessed:

Step 1: Locate the household and family section by going to manage your account and content section of Kindle store.
Step 2: invite an adult or child by clicking on invite an adult/child button. After that, a popup will come and thus they will have to enter their email id and password. Make sure that those are related to any Amazon account already. As Kindle Com Support suggests, a new account should be made already if there is no account and then those credentials must be added into the pop-up when needed.
Step 3: It is to be noted that all devices, including the old Amazon fire tablet, are supported to read books like this. Kindle Fire Support Help also provides support for kindle fire devices whose software has not been updated ever since.
Step 4: now, click on “yes” icon to ensure that a common payment method is shared by both accounts. Once that is done, both parties can choose which books are to be shared with each other.
This is how users can share books with each other. However, as Amazon Kindle Customer Service recommends, a book can be shared only once with a user and the duration is 15 days.

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