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How to troubleshoot FiOS mobile app on kindle fire HD devices?

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Amazon Kindle has always been known for their support and seamless interconnection between Kindle devices. Be it kindle e-ink display, Kindle Fire devices or the newest Kindle Fire TV, the Kindle Support has always been seamless. However, one of the most popular apps in the google app store as well as kindle app store is facing an issue. It is speculated that one of the most downloaded and user-demanded apps for Kindle Fire HD devices has support issues now. Here are some of a few ways in which you can tackle the same issues.

About the app compatibility issue:

As per www Kindle com Support, there are apps ranging from e-ink devices like Kindle oasis to devices which run on android kernel popularly Fire tablets. The apps are always increasing since most of the apps for android are suitable for Kindle Fire tablets. The apps can be found on kindle app store and are downloadable. If there is some app which is not available on the said platform, it can be side-loaded as per Kindle Help. TV apps are also a part of the app ecosystem of Kindle.

Most of the TV apps are available on kindle fire TV. Kindle Fire TV, as per Amazon Kindle Support, supports a wide range of popular TV apps. Apps such as Netflix and Hulu are available on Kindle Fire TV. These apps allow users to watch TV on the device. Apps for mobile are also there which can run TV. One of the most popular apps, especially for Verizon users is having compatibility issues. Mobile apps for TV range from Netflix, Hulu to Amazon’s own Prime app for videos. However, Kindle Com Support claims that the apps have sufficient backwards compatibility to cover the majority of the devices in use.

The backwards compatibility for all kinds of operating systems generally covers a large variety of users. For instance, Kindle Fire Support Help informs that most of the backward compatibility ranges up to Fire OS 4.2. However, one of the Fire OS apps has not been running as planned. There can be a variety of reasons for that. One of the reasons why the issue can occur is due to app compatibility issues. The problem in running can also be caused due to any known or unknown bug in the app which can be diagnosed using some workarounds.

my tablet support

How to solve the FiOS mobile app issue:

Amazon Kindle supports FiOS mobile app by Verizon. This app is a first party app from Verizon and supports TV services.  It is beneficial for those users who use FiOS at home and have a Verizon connection. For these kinds of users, FiOS mobile streaming is free and no data is deducted from existing data caps allotted in any Verizon pack. Amazon Kindle Customer Service also confirms that this app has got some issues with the newest Kindle and have also given an explanation for that.

The app store states that the app has a support for a minimum of OS version. It means that the app can be installed in Kindle Fire devices which have OS beyond that. Many users who have reported the error have Kindle Fire HD and HDX which have their device at an earlier OS version. Hence, users can try to update their devices. While most will have the problem solved, the devices which cannot run the same can sideload the old version of the app from the third party and use it. The app should be left to not update settings so that this version of the app does not go out of support for the device.

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