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How to troubleshoot your Nook color?

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The new ones and the unknown ones, if you want to get started with your nook color, then head to these easy steps to experience the magic of this e-reader.

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How are you doing with your nook version? Well, I hope that you are doing well with your nook version. The Barnes & Noble product has already outreach in the competitive market with its fascinating features and services. The diverse range of products which includes Nook tablets, Nook color, Nook glowlight, Nook simple touch, Nook HD, and Nook HD+ etc is still shining in the market, and as a result, the enchanting e-reader is still adding some decent numbers in its pocket. So, if there is new one, who want to get started with the e-reader, they should head to www Nook com account to create their account with the ravishing e-reader. The amazing diversity of B&N nook series has got a lot of stuff to cherish. This is the reason we are here to discuss one of the versions of this e-reader, i.e., Nook color. Well, it’s been a long time the tablet has released. Still, we will give you a brief about the color version of the nook series.

Nook color is the upgraded version of the nook tablets series. The 7-inch tablet holds the quality of multi- touch screen, which reflects the color version quite promising to get interacted and experienced for some good stuff. The color version also holds the title of being the first tablet to get launched with the feature of full-color screen. So, this is the brief intro of the color version, if you are not satisfied with the brief and want to know some more stuff, then you can make your way to www Nook com to get detailed information about the device. You got the brief, and now it’s time to make your experience error free. Let’s drive to the troubleshoot destination with simple steps.

Charge your battery- Battery is the prime thing you have to get started with your nook color.

  1. The first thing you should do with your nook is to link the big end of the USB cable (which you get with the device) to the corresponding power adaptor. Using another cable with your nook color might can cause some serious damage to your device.
  2. Now link the small end of the microUSB cable into the corresponding port on the base of your Nook color.
  3. Link the power adaptor into an electric adaptor or the stream suppression strip. Until your nook color is fully charged, don not switch it off. If you face any kind of charging issue, then you can navigate for nook com support to get the better assistance.
  • Soft reset- With soft reset, you can easily reset your Nook color to make it work the way it was working.My Tablet
  1. Link your nook color to the power outlet using the cable given by the manufacturer.
  2. Now you need to press the power button and hold it for five seconds.
  3. Now, simply press the power button for two seconds to turn on the nook color.
  • Restore process- After the soft reset of your device, you need to restore the device.
  1. Firstly, unlock the device information and click on “Erase and Deregister device”.
  2. From the page, simply click “Erase & Deregister your device”.
  3. Click the “reset Nook” button, when it appears on the screen to confirm the reset of your nook color. A message will appear, which will ensure that the device has deregistered itself from the B&N account followed up by the message of the device has cleared the data. And after this, the nook color will reboot, as the process is completed.
  4. Now, the end step is to register your nook color with the B&N account to restore the media, which is associated with the account. If you counter any issue with the registration of your nook, you can also head to Nook support number to get the proper assistance.

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