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Kindle Isn’t Detected By The Computer: How To Fix This Problem?

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Are you using a Kindle device, which you are trying to connect to your computer, but can’t connect due to any reason? Is your PC not detecting the Kindle device for you to transfer anything from the PC or Kindle for that matter? You can take Kindle help to fix this issue or you can follow the instructions given in this blog post.

My Tablet Support

Amazon has launched Kindle tablets as a perfect device for avid readers, but it has undergone great changes in the past. With the addition of Wi-Fi and email sending and receiving features, Kindle has turned into a full-fledged tablet, which has allowed the company to attract customers who are looking to buy tablets in the first place.

Kindle now comes with Android OS, a move that has bolstered the sales of the device. Back in the day, Kindle was only attractive to those who have a deep passion for reading, but now, the situation has completely changed, and people from the non-reading background are also getting attracted towards Kindle because of the features that are integrated into the device.

Having said that, I would also to shed light on a very important aspect of Kindle that, this device, after all, is an electronic device, so it is prone to problems. The most common problem that Kindle users face is when their try to connect Kindle devices to their PCs. There is no need to get in touch with Amazon Kindle Customer Service when you can get rid of the problem by following a few steps, which we are going to discuss here below:

Could be the problem related to the USB connection:

There are not too many ways to connect your Kindle Fire to the computer. One of the most common ways is by connecting a USB cable to both, Kindle Fire and PC. If the PC doesn’t detect your Kindle device, then there might be a problem in the hardware or software of the device. It is recommended by experts that Kindle device should be connected to the back USB port of your PC. So, connect the device there and then, see if it works or not. You have the option to go to Kindle com support, but let’s just try out this step.

USB Port not properly working

It may not be necessarily your Kindle tablet that has malfunctioned, but the problem can also lie in the USB port in which you are trying to connect the device. So, instead of sticking the cable in one port multiple times, you can try using other ports. Moreover, you can also connect other devices to the same port in which you have tried Kindle device. If the problem persists, then you should get in touch with Amazon Kindle support to get the best assistance.

USB cable is malfunctioning

It may be the mini USB cable that comes along with Kindle, which is creating problems. So, you have to get a new cable and try connecting your Kindle device to PC using that. You can take the cable of your smartphone or tablet as well, as it is same. If that other cable is also not working, then the Kindle software is corrupt. Now, you will have to log onto www Kindle com support in order to get a new software.

Reset your Kindle

You have to reset your Kindle, which can be done by pressing and holding the power button for at least 20 seconds. The device will turn off, so again, press and hold the power button to turn on the device. Connect the Kindle Fire tablet to your PC after restarting and it will be picked up by your PC, but if it doesn’t, then take Kindle Fire support help. They will be able to fix the issue in the matter of a few minutes.

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