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If you got the Nook tablet 7 on your side, then here are some of the common features and content which you should experience on your latest version. How are you doing with your new Nook 7? If you are one of the fine users of Nook tablet, then you must have been having a great e-reading experience. With the diverse versions and astounding features, the e-reading tablet has been able to capture the eyeballs of many potential users across the globe. If you are on the list of new users, then you can go to www Nook com to explore the other features of the device in a proper way.

My TabletBeing the prime product of Barnes and Noble, Nook tablet didn’t get that kind of boost in terms of improving its performance and reliability. With some upgrades in the Nook app, the e-reading tablet has managed to provide the fair rate service to all the worldwide users. Well, after getting faded for a long time from the market, B & N make the comeback in the competitive market with its ultimate Nook tablet 7, which eventually started making headlines for the giant eBook retailer. The launch of the tablet also created a buzz among all the Nook holders. But after getting rolled out in the market, the tablet get into the limelight for the reason of faulty adapters which makes the B & N Company pull out 147K chargers from the market. It also warns the users to stay away from their adapters in order to avoid any kind of harmful incident. When B & N recalled the power adaptors, it also launched a website in order to provide the instructions about the serial number and the address to send them the tablet back. But, now the company has now rectified the issue and have also started to sell the latest version online and in the offline and online stores. In case, if you get any kind of another issue with your new nook, then you can easily reach out to Nook Customer Service to get the better assistance and solutions. So, if you got the latest version on your side, then here are some of the common features of the tablet that will render you the help to use your tablet in a fine way.  My Tablet Support

  • Accessing Barnes and Noble at fingertips– It’s really amazing to select your favorite bunch of eBooks, which includes the numbers more than 1 million under $4.99. Just head down to the different collections crafted by the professional booksellers in order to grab the next best edition.
  • Family Friendly Designing– Learning would be magical in the latest edition of the tablet. You can simply create the individual profiles and amazing bookshelves for all your family members. With the parental control, you can also manage what your kids are accessing.
  • Sparkling 7” display– Whether you are surfing the web, enjoying your reading stuff or watching your favorite movie, you can simply enjoy the enthralling IPS display. If got any issue, simply reach out to Nook help to get the better guidance.
  • Enabled with Google Play store– On your amazing new Nook, you can easily access the millions of games, apps, movies, and songs wherever you take your tablet.
  • Hours of reading– The ever-lasting battery of the tablet lets you read your favorite book along with the web browsing and video streaming for up to 7 hours at any place.

Besides all these features, if get any tech bug, juts navigate to Nook com support for tech assistance and support.

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